Rob: vocals/drums/strums
Rick Grossman: bass
Peter West: cellos/b/vox
Pete Covington: guitar/bells/keys
Recorded by Pete Covington and Brent Clark


Like a Christmas truce in the trenches
Like the handsome face that came with the frame
When you stop and consider your life’s adventures
In comes the cold weather rain
Strip the layers from the surface of the atom
Suck the hope from the bottom of the well
Find a place where the streets are named for poets
Raise your head above the heated pillow of hell
Surround yourself with people who don’t charge you by the hour
Convince yourself the weather is to blame
We’re long-grass people in the best-mowed lawn in town
We’re tigers with some killings to explain
Do you hear the wheeling of the heavens?
Do you swim the streams of consciousness?
Are you gliding with the ultralights?
Are you missing love and tenderness?
Are we alive without permission?
In a land where time stands still
If we’re lucky we’ll escape rendition
To a country where they torture and kill
Torture and kill

I know how you feel
you don’t need to reinvent the wheel
I know what you’ve done
You don’t need to act as if you’ve won

We are the drawings on the last page
You are the peace in my heart
We’ll be together in the forest of tranquillity

We’ll write our own epitaph
There are people of any age who are ageless
People of different skins who have no race
People with accusations which are baseless
People without a faith with a face
So close your eyes and count to twenty
Smooth your sheets and heal your wounds
It’s been a long time since our laughter
Shook the glass and filled the room
Filled the room

I know how you feel
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel
I know what you’ve done
You don’t need to act as if you’ve won

The miners made it to the surface
But the ironmen are beginning to rust
And all the cash-for-comment bullies
Lost their ratings in the bust
‘cos we are married to progression
we need to do or we will die
when did our language lose expression?
When will we learn to really cry?
And soon the sun will shine in Sydney
The coast and ranges will be clear
We’ll walk like ghosts into the future
We’ll count our blessings of the year

We’ll count our blessings of the year